Ladies Poker Night Out when the word poker is spoken

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Ladies Poker Night Out when the word poker is spoken

Ladies Poker Night Out when the word poker is spoken, poker is not a word that can be defined as being masculine or feminine. However, when the word poker is spoken, 2 out of 3 will tell you it brings about images of men sitting around a table having a guys night, usually drinking beer and or smoking a cigar or two Agen poker terpercaya.

This however, is not the kasus at all. And to prove it so, the game of Poker has taken on an entirely new shape, enter in women only leagues. Yes they still use the traditional clay chip sets, not pretty pink ones wrapped in bows! Women have taken this card game by storm.

Live turnamens have seen massive turn outs. One of the most recent of these was held on December 10th 2008, in London England. This was the second Women’s world open to take place in the history of ladies only live play.

This turnamen saw a turn out of some of the biggest names in women’s Poker. Players were saddled up next to the likes of Erica Schoenberg, May Macerias, Katharine Hartree,Jackie Meecham, and Shelley Rubenstein. 36 women in all didn’t bat an eyelash when throwing down $3,000 for the buy in, and a shot at the take home prize of $50,000. That’s a lot of chips!

While some are bashing the matches for being sexist and illegal causing certain forums to turun their endorsement of hosting such moments. Women’s live turnamens are still going strong all over the world. Recently , the east coast has become host to HHP, or the High Heels Poker tur.

A women’s only grup founded by a Hollywood Florida wife and mother, it allows women to perasaan comfortable at the Poker table. Not all women are intimidated being surrounded by a grup of men. But quite a few have said that it makes them somewhat uneasy, and unwelcomed as if they are inferior to even be playing with the same chips.

Offering a women’s only seting is one way to ease the unnecessary excess tension already felt while playing a round of Texas holdem. With only a mere 6 percent of current casino turnamen players being female, companies like this one are hoping to draw women who may have always been interested, but apprehensive about getting involved due to the game being overwhelmingly male dominated.

In a “guy’s will be guy’s” atmosphere, where a individu is singled out and immediately made a sasaran simply because of their gender. It is of utmost importance that women are equally given the opportunity to engage in the rush of a game that is one part chance, by the cards you are dealt, and one part kemampuan, depending upon your own Poker taktikes. Bottom line is that this game was not created with a specific gender in mind, and as with any other sport in American History, should be recognized and respected as a benar form of play whether the players are all men, or in this kasus, all women.